Birth Doula Services Package

Birth Doula |  (n): a person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother and partner before, during and just after childbirth

Birth Plan

I will help you develop your birth plan, including, but not limited to, pain/coping mechanisms, environment desires and recovery preferences.

Prenatal Meetings

We'll have the opportunity to become better acquainted, discuss fears/hopes for your birth and practice relaxation techniques for labor.

Continuous Support

From the moment the contract is signed, I'll be here for continuous support via phone, text and/or email.


Whether you're interested in photos during labor & delivery and/or photos within the first 48 hours of giving birth, I'm here to help you capture these special moments.

Lactation Assistance

I'm more than happy to assist you with your initial breastfeeding journey. We will review different positions, your pump and address any other questions you have.



Utilizing principles of acupuncture, I'll use touch therapy to help relieve discomforts such as pain, headache, nausea and anxiety.

Postpartum Visits

During your first 6 weeks post-baby, I will visit one to two times to check-in, see how you're adjusting, talk about your birth and answer any questions.


I have an extensive collection of pregnancy, birth and postpartum books that you are more than welcome to borrow.



Package #1: $550

Package #2: $475*

Both packages include all services shown here.

*Previous doula clients