Questions to Ask a Doula

When selecting a doula, it's important that you find someone that you feel a connection to, as well as someone you can trust and rely on during a significant life experience, like birth. The following are questions you can use when selecting a doula:

  1. What training have you had?

  2. Tell me about your experience with birth, both personally and as a doula.

  3. What is your philosophy about birth and supporting women and their partners, if applicable, through labor?

  4. Will you help us organize my birth plan/preferences?

  5. May we call you with questions and/or concerns before and after the birth?

  6. When do you try to join women in labor? Do you come to our home or meet us at the hospital?

  7. Do you meet with us after the birth to review the labor and answer questions?

  8. Do you work with one or more backup doulas in times when you are not available? May we meet them?

  9. Do you help with lactation for those of us planning to breastfeed?

  10. What are your fees and your refund policies?

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